Snuggle Bugs

How beautiful was the weather this weekend? Geez- if it could stay in the 80s all summer- well, I guess we'd be in California! We had a great time snuggling, playing at 3 different playgrounds, and hanging out with Honey.

Today Davis did two funny things... 1) Honey was reading him a book this morning (Honey came over because Bennett was flying around on a leer jet with the President of Great Clips- yes really) and she was getting all into the characters and the emotion of the race between Mater and Lightning and all of the sudden, Davis put his hand up over his ear and just looked up at her with a serious face. She said "Oh, am I too loud?" And he said "Honey. too. loud." Ha.

2) I was trying to convince him to wear a polo, so I kept saying "Oh Davis, you look so good in that shirt. You need to go show Honey. Five minutes later, he walked in the living room and said "Honey. I look SO good." So funny.

Here are a couple pics of my snuggle bugs and a beautiful shot of Honey and Holden at the park today. We had a great earth day. Playground time, lunch, naps, and shopping! Hope you had a great weekend too.