Holden turned three months old on Friday- so crazy and hard to believe how quickly it's going. I'm starting to notice some patterns emerging, which is nice. Lately she is eating around 5:00 then going to sleep, for the night, around 6:3o. She usually wakes up between 10-11 and then again around 3...but that part fluctuates a bit. Last night, she went to sleep at 6:30, woke up at midnight and then slept until 7:30 a.m. This would have been an amazing night of sleep for me had I not been out partying it up till the wee hours of the morning. Dear Hangover, I forgot how miserable you are.

Holden is also sleeping pretty consistently in her bed. She is the most smiley baby I have EVER seen. It is awesome. She is just so happy all the time.

And Davis is keeping us on our toes lately. He is both so fun, and such a little toot, whining about things he can't have, pushing his limits all the time, etc. But geez he says and does some funny stuff. He was so happy when Bennett came home Friday- it was really sweet to watch his face light up as he drove up. We were all waiting outside for him. :)

Here are a few phone pictures of Holden on her three month birthday as well as some pictures of Davis getting his haircut. I'll prep him that we're going and that if he sits really still and doesn't cry, he'll get a lollipop. He then says to me "No haircut today. Just lollipop." Smarty.

How big does he look after the haircut? I can't even take it...