Our Life Right Now

Looks a little bit like this:
- We play outside all weekend...then during the week, the craziness hits.

5:30 a.m. Feed Holden, hold her, change her diaper and pick something cute for her to spit up on wear.

6:30 Make Davis' lunch or go lie in bed for 30 minutes

7:00 Jump in the shower

7:30-7:45 Davis gets up and asks for his navy cars shirt. I then have to explain to him that we can't wear the same shirt every day. It's in the wash. It has to be washed, it has to dry, and then we can talk about it.

7:45-8:00 We do breakfast, I have to explain almost every morning that a pop-stickle is not breakfast (and neither are fish sticks for that matter)...we choose which shoes he is going to wear (he's very particular), we talk to Baby Holden in a very high pitched voice, we say good morning to daddy, hello to Jennifer (the nanny), and then we scoot out the door.

8:15 I drop Davis off at the playground at school and stick around for a little bit to see what he wants to play with that day. I talk to the kids, I sit in the canoe, I just hang out for a bit.

Five hugs and a kiss later- I leave. "Mommy have to go work hard." And he reminds me that "Davis have to work hard too."

8:45-5:30 Work (Being a busy advertising executive- asking for Xeroxes by 5:00, pitching taglines, you know the whole deal)

5:30 Head home (Unless Bennett is out of town, then I have to sneak out of work early to go pick up Davis and go home to relieve Jennifer).

6:00 Home. Usually Holden wants to eat right then, which is such a bummer because that's also the only time I really get to play with Davis- but I feed her- try to entertain Davis while doing so (Unless Bennett is home and then we tag team).

6:45 I put Holden down for the night and start to figure out how I am going to get Davis fed, bathed, read to, rocked, played with and snuggled, all before 7:30. This part is stressful because I want him to feel relaxed, not rushed, but really it's a TOTAL RUSH JOB. Ugh. The stresses of being a working mom...anyway...

7:30-7:45 I put Davis to bed and then I lay down on the couch for goodness sakes and feel like I might be too tired to do anything else. And sometimes I am. Sometimes I have Ritz crackers and Crystal Light for dinner. Sometimes I fall asleep on the couch and wake up at 10. Sometimes I make myself do the Biggest Loser DVD- but I'll be real honest- that hasn't happened in a while. Ho hum. I miss working out. I really do.

Life is crazy. It's busy. It's tiring. But I'm glad to have all these amazing things to be juggling. I mean, right? It would be sad if I had just more time than I knew what to do with- and no one to love on and take care of. That's what I have to remember...I do just wish I had a little more time to just be though. To not have a list of things to do. That's why I love the weekends so much. I don't want Davis to remember how hurried everything was. I want him to be happy and enjoy the moment. As you can see- I'm working this out in my head. How to do it all and do it all well.

Here are a couple pictures of Holden working on the farm. She is getting so big. I realize she sort of looks like she was in a knife fight- but really one of her scraggly fingernails got her. So then I tried to cut them and I accidentally cut part of her finger. I felt SOOOO BAD. Oh man. Anyway- she is a trooper.