Koala Update

Rather than talk about my first day back at work- which was sort of nice and also sort of MEH- here is a little update on Davis' class and what they've been up to. I'm continually more impressed with the activities they are doing and what they are being taught. I had no idea that at age two, Davis would be learning to differentiate the days of the week, names of dinosaurs, whether things sink or float, etc.

Enjoy the pictures- some clearly don't include Davis- but I want to show you the things they are doing!

This looks silly, but having them write upside down like that helps them learn to grip a pen or pencil and begin to have control. Glad someone else thought of that...

Making fruit salad- that is his buddy, Max.


Painting with Riley.

Yay for armadillo shirts and confetti in the sensory table!

Scooping up goldfish. Yes, real goldfish. I thought that was so cool.

Baking a cake.

Still loves the legos.

Hanging out on the bench- this is where they sit before and after playground time.

Fire truck day. Have you ever seen so many toddlers sit still, rapt with attention?

Amazing shot, right? Ha.

I don't know how he likes me better than doing all that fun stuff at school. I'm sure glad he does though. And on the flip side, it does make me feel better to see all the fun things he's doing on days like today when he definitely cried and told his teachers he wanted his mommy. :(

Oh and a quick note on Holden's nanny- we prayed so much about it- and ended up hiring Davis' teacher's younger sister who just moved to Austin. I think it will be perfect- she is so sweet and gentle- talks to Holden and keeps a log of everything that happens during the day. Answered prayers. :)