Happy Easter!

From the littlest easter bunny.

This easter was so fun. We woke up, went to church, listened to an amazing sermon, and then met Nikki, Tony, Honey and my grandparents at the park for a picnic brunch and an easter egg hunt. The weather was so nice, the food was tasty, and the best part was we just had to show up. It was such a treat not to have to prepare everything. Okay, maybe that wasn't the best part. The best part was being with family on such a special day, watching Holden look at the leaves blowing in the wind while her brother ran wild under the trees. That was the best part. Oh and also this Davis sandwich. I love the way he is really hugging Nikki.

We then went home, took naps, and then when we woke up, headed over to the Ryans for more easter fun. It's so great that Davis and Porter are now truly playing together. They have a great time. They are each other's ying and yang. Davis plays pretty quietly and is always trying to push the limits, whether it's sneaking Porter's shoe when he isn't looking, or standing on his chair until someone sees him...and Porter just chatters along, talking to anyone and everyone that will listen, always with some good questions ready for you. And lately, he is also pretty good at letting Davis know when he's pushed the limits too far, which doesn't bother me. Sometimes I say "That's right, Porter, you tell him..."

Watching them play together and randomly hug each other or chase each other until they fall down is great fun. They are a good pair. Today they dyed eggs and were pretty excited watching them change colors. It took a little while to explain to Davis that you can't just DROP the egg into the bowl. You have to be "gentle, gentle..."

See, look at that little stinker, thinking about dropping that truck in the dye.

It was a great Easter and I am thankful. Thankful for forgiveness and hope, and the joy of my family.

That sounds so old, doesn't it? Geez. Today I walked by the window at church with Bennett...he was pushing Holden's stroller and I was holding Davis' hands and I saw myself out of the corner of my eye and did a double take, thinking "Who are these people? That looks like a grown woman." And it was ME! Ha. Happy Easter.