Bennett had a great idea this week- he suggested that we have a little getaway and go to San Antonio or something fun on Friday. He had to work last Sunday, so he's taking the day off. As you can imagine, I was super excited about this idea. How fun to spend time together, just the four of us, in a fresh place.

So we booked a hotel via priceline negotiator, which I'm usually good at, but I think I got ripped off this time. Anyway, that's beside the point. We love doing the "name your own price" and are constantly singing/shouting the Priceline Negotiator jingle while we wait to see if our bid has been accepted. So we booked a hotel and then started talking about what we'll do while there. 1) of course we have to have mexican food 2) of course we want to see Kirsten and the Furl boys (and their new house) and 3) it would be great to see Randy, Caitlin and Logan if they are around...but other than that, we didn't really have an agenda or reason for going.


Someone at work told me it's FIESTA week in San Antonio. And NIOSA is actually friday night.

And now I am SO excited. I've never been and Bennett hasn't been since he was little. I have been reviewing the schedule and holy cow there are about 20 events a day including everything from special exhibits at the Witte Museum, flower parades, river parades, doggie parades, parties, etc. I mean, I am so excited that yesterday I said to my friend, Oscar, at work "Hey, did you know I'm going to FIESTA this weekend" and he said with a smile "Seriously? Are you joking? You've mentioned that like five times this week." HA!

So anyway- super jazzed about this weekend...and FIESTA!