Come Play Pease, Mikki!

yesterday on the way home from school, Davis was talking to me about Nikki. sometimes, out of the blue, he will say something like "Not play with Mikki today. Mikki not at home today. Play with Mikki another day." And I can tell he is sort of letting himself down easy from things that he would like to be doing, but knows are not happening right then. So I said "That sounds like a good idea- let's call Nikki and ask her to come play soon."

So I put the phone on speaker and as it rang he alternated between saying:
"Answer Mikki. Answer." and "Come play pease, Mikki!" So finally, when her voicemail picked up, he repeated "Come play pease, Mikki! Lub you." And then I had to explain that she would call us back.

Well instead of calling us back- we got a knock at the door at 7:30 a.m. this morning and there was MIKKI! He ran down the hall and jumped into her arms like they were being reunited after 20 years. He couldn't stop smiling. He was beaming. I wish I had gotten it on camera.

So sweet and such a fun way to start the day. Thanks Mikki!