Answered Prayers

Just wanted to take a quick moment to acknowledge some things that I stressed about, lost sleep over, and definitely prayed for, that have turned out beautifully.

1) I was so worried about finding a good nanny. I mean I didn't know how it could happen without going through a crazy expensive service. But we found one, she is actually Davis' teacher's younger sister who just moved to Austin, looking for a job in childcare. She is so sweet and gentle, I don't worry about Holden for a minute.

2) That I would be ready to go back to work at the end of my leave, and I did. I mean, its still hard, but at the same time, its nice to be back.

3) That Davis would not be so sick all the time. Since then, he has not missed a day of school for sickness in a month and a half. That is a record.

So thank you God. I appreciate these things. I realize that prayer isn't just about things working out exactly how you hoped they would, but let's be honest, its nice when they do too. :)