Weekend Fun

The highlight was certainly going to the kite festival- I mean, Nikki got Davis a Lightning McQueen kite, so there you go. We also played outside a lot at home, and Davis seemed to really start understanding that he is Holden's big brother. He walks up to her and talks to her a lot, wants to hold her, and seems concerned with her wellbeing. It melts my heart.

Also last night after the kite festival, we went with the Ryans to Phil's for dinner. Davis and Porter had so much fun laughing as loudly as possible. It was pretty fun to watch. They're going to be good buds.

Also funny- Davis has been telling me who is nice and "notberrynice" at school, which is funny to hear. Anyway, enough talk, more pictures.

We took Holden down on the farm, but she might not be as excited about farming as Davis was. She watched the cow and pig dangle over her- but started to squawk after a few minutes. Davis loved to lay under there for hours.

But it was exhausting, nonetheless.

First pair of skinny jeans!

Bennett "working" on Friday. I think he likes having that bed in his office.

Like I said, Davis is really into Holden lately. He loves her toes and talks to her in the tiniest little baby voice which is so cute. He knows her name is Holden, but for the most part, he calls her "baby". Yesterday he said "that's my baby sister."

At the kite festival. I have never seen so many people at Zilker. It was insane. Lots of kites and kids and hoola hoopers.

Flying his first kite!

Davis talked about seeing his buddy, Porter, all day. (Also, how awesome is that lady's hair?)

And then the people on the picnic blanket next to us had a "lello booldozer" (yellow bulldozer) they were so kind to share with Davis. He was drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

It was a very fun, and TIRING weekend. :)