Weekend Adventures

Sometimes weekends are surprising. And you think you're just going to pick up Chik-Fil-A for yourself and some friends and next thing you know, you end up stuck in the middle of the median of a highway. So, Saturday, Courtney and B came over for lunch to see us and the kiddos, and Court and I decided to go pick up lunch. We thought we'd be gone 10 minutes, so I didn't bring a phone or my wallet or anything- just my debit card.

On the way there we saw the stopped traffic on the other side of the highway and were like "OH my gosh- we can't get stuck in that on the way back..." So we picked up lunch, got to chatting and next thing you know, I realize that I've missed the previous exit and we are now stuck. in. that. horrible. traffic. Ugh.

We lament for about five minutes and then I see several cars in front of me cut across the median. I know it's illegal. I know that you probably need to have an SUV. So I say to Court "should i just cut across?" We end up laughing, talking about how we'd probably get stuck and how funny would that be? We wait. And we wait. And then I say "it looks pretty flat there- I think i could just cut right across. should i do it?" Courtney agrees and we go for it.

Two seconds later, my wheels are spinning and we are stuck. in. a. super. muddy. median. in front of a million cars. In my little car. So humiliating.

At this point we are laughing SO hard. And keep trying to strategize about how we can get out. Go forward- go backward! hit the gas fast. hit the gas slow. And then we have to call B and Davis to tell them what we've ridiculously done. And it's raining. And then a cop stops and says "now, you weren't trying to cut across the median were you?" "who me? in a volvo? that would be ridiculous..."

Long story short- courtney and i were stuck in the median for almost two hours. the only good things were: 1) like i said to courtney- if i were going to get stuck with someone, i'd choose her anyway. (ha! we always have a good time) and 2) we had already picked up the Chik Fil A. YESSSS! So we ate our lunch and talked about her wedding and laughed until the tow truck man came and pulled us out.

Such a funny day.
Following that- we went home, watched Old School and drank some rum punch. We're very mature and responsible.