Thursday Thoughts

There is no theme to this post other than me writing my thoughts on a Thursday. Hence the title.

First things first, this morning was amazing. I fed Holden at 10:00 last night and then my mom fed her again at 2:30, which meant I got to sleep all that time. AND, because I couldn't fall asleep, I took one Tylenol PM and slept like I was a hibernating bear. It was amazing. Davis slept till 9:00 too- so we really felt like a million bucks. He is for sure a Bennett, with the way he likes to sleep. I think Holden will be the same way. Davis usually goes to bed around 7:30 and he will sleep till 9:00 on the weekends, but wakes up around 7:30 or 8:00 on the weekdays because he hears us.

He has been saying the cutest things lately. He says "I do" a lot. Which doesn't sound that interesting, but let me put it in context...
ME: Do you like Ritz crackers, Davis?
Davis: I do! :)

ME: Did you have fun at school today, Davis?
Davis: I do!

ME: Did you play with Max today? Is he your best friend at school?
Davis: I do!

He also loves telling me "It's Fwi-dway!" when really it's Monday, Tuesday, or any other day of the week.

He thinks it's funny to say yucky things are poo-poo. (Such a boy) And laughs his brains out when I say "Mekka lekka hi mekka hiney ho!" He says "More hiney ho mommy, more hiney ho!"

He is talking a lot about how daddy went on an airplane to Minneapowis this week. Bennett is at the leadership training thing he was selected for- I am so proud of him. If anyone has a leadership personality- it's that guy.

Holden cannot stop smiling. She is the sweetest thing. This week has been a good one as far as the reflux goes. I am trying not to tell myself that it is fading out...but I really wish it was fading out. They say it can last 3 months to a year. I hope we're on the 3 months side.

Last night I got to catch up with Katie, which is always good for the soul, and about a million laughs. I told her to enjoy her last summer in Ohio because it's already in the mid 80s here and I am DREADING the summer.

I've been thinking about the differences between Holden and Davis lately- and how I wonder what she will be like at Davis' age. Here are a few unique things about each of them, and things they share in common.

Davis was so hot natured when he was little- he still is. He was born in November and even in December and January, when it was cold, he would sweat through his clothes when he was riding in his car seat. Holden isn't really that way.

Holden loves being held. She smiles the second you pick her up or walk up to her- a big old grin. Davis could have cared less- in fact- he preferred it when you laid him down and handed him his bottle. And he certainly acted like I could have been his mom or the mailman for all he cared.

Holden spits up- Davis never did.

I dressed Davis in button down shirts and jeans and man clothes when he was in 0-3 months size clothes. I haven't done that yet with Holden. I think it's because I realize how quickly the newborn phase passes.

They both love/d sleeping in the bouncy chair. I mean seriously. And they both had to be swaddled to sleep. They both love binkies and it seems they both enjoy sleeping.

Okay- other random notes and thoughts. Today Davis woke up SO HAPPY. It was such a treat. He was so excited "his honey" was still here and also thrilled to go to school. We had to wait on the dryer last night so he could both sleep in this specific race car shirt and also wear it to school- so he was really jazzed about that. In the car he kept saying "want to go to school mommy. want to open the door at school. want to play with max mommy. want to show max my shirt."

So when we got there, I was signing him in, and he was looking in the little window at the bottom of the door. I could hear his friends shouting "Davis is here!" And he looked up at me with the biggest grin and said "OPEN THE DOOR MOMMY!" It was so fun. I love his school. Yesterday- they were playing The Beatles "Let it Be" on the playground and tomorrow- they are having a fire truck and fire fighters come see all the classes. Anyway- he walked in and went straight over to Max after washing his hands. Max handed him a truck and Davis looked at me and said "We play together!"

Then Max paused and looked at his shirt and said "You got race cars on your shirt." Then pointed and named them all. I thought Davis might bust with pride. He then looked at me and said "Mommy got to go bye bye..." haha.

It was such a good morning.
See- never underestimate sleep and a smile. :)

We went to the stock show and rodeo Saturday with Nikki and Tony so I have some pictures to post- but my camera is charging. So in the meantime, here are a few photos of Holden I took with my camera...

Happy Thursday.
Can you guess who gave Holden this camouflage onesie? Complete with lace ruffles on the neck and bootie?? B!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

And a quick shot of Miss Holden at the mall (Nordstrom bathroom, to be exact). She sure looks a lot like her brother in this picture. It's funny- they look a lot alike- but also different and I can't tell what it is exactly that differentiates them. Her eyes? Her nose? We say she has a little WHO nose- like Cindy Lou Who, from whoville. So cute.

The nanny starts Monday. Here's hoping!