These Days

1) The first thing Davis says to me in the morning is "Want to get down." The second thing he says is "Want putzels. In a bowl."

2) Holden slept from 10-2 and then 3-6 last night. Yep- basically woke up once. I know it won't stay that way every night- but it's a treat when it happens. And can you imagine how different this is from last week when she was basically up all night, every night? Night and day. Literally.

3) I'm not feeling so well. My throat hurts. Ugh. So I'm drinking a Crystal Light/Emergen-c cocktail like it's going out of style.

4) I have a few nanny interviews lined up. AND we decided not to start Holden at Child's Day until next spring. Meaning- I need to find a good nanny we can keep until then.

5) Bennett and I are not loving being office mates. He works from home. He's cramping my style, and I can tell I'm cramping his. Ha.

6) Nikki got into the Rice Phd program. Holy cow! So excited for her.

7) We are taking turns holding down the fort while the other one does something fun this weekend. I am going to dinner and a movie with my girlfriends tonight and Davis is doing something with the boys tomorrow night.

8) Davis says "that be fun" with a big smile on his face about certain things. I guess I say "that'd be fun" (which sounds really hillbilly when written, but hopefully not so much when spoken) and I guess he has picked that up.

9) Davis can identify any truck or tractor or car in the world. Seriously, he sees any type of Volkswagen and says "Honey's car." He sees a Lexus, he says "Porter's car", he sees a backhoe loader and says "backhoe loader". Yes seriously- he knows his construction equipment.

10) Holden is smiling at me. For real. Like in response to me talking to her. Does that seem early? For me it does, considering Davis frowned at me until he was 8 months old. No lie.

11) Holden is still going through about 3 outfits and 2 blankets a day on average. :( So much spit up. So much laundry.

12) Bennett was asked to be on a leadership development team at Great Clips. I think only 10 people were asked. Pretty awesome.

13) I am starting to get excited about going back to work. Someone asked me last night and I said "Yeah, if we find a great nanny, I will be so excited to go back."

14) Holden LOVES the swing. She sleeps in our living room. I guess that is funny- everyone that hears that thinks so. We couldn't sleep with her in our room and the swing and bouncy chair are in the living room, plus you can watch TV until she truly falls asleep again.

15) Davis picks his shirt every day. And it's usually either "geen shirt." "orange shirt." or "motorcycle shirt," which is by far his favorite. He wants a Lightning McQueen shirt so badly...I need to find one for him. In fact, he is so excited any time his shirt has anything on it. I guess the kids love that at school. Every time I drop him off I hear them all saying things like "I got a car on my shirt." I have tried to dress him so cool- not cheesy- but I guess those days are gone. His little smile and hearing him say "that be fun" when talking about a lightning mcqueen shirt negate all of that cool business.

16) I haven't taken many pictures. Doh.

That's all for now. Happy Friday.