My Mikki

Davis was a little whiny today after school. He wanted to go to Chik a Way- but I didn't really want to go there today- so he was bummed about that. And I think he has a cold which just makes him a little cranky. So he was sitting in the back seat sobbing a little, feeling sad for himself, letting me know that "I sad mommy. I sad." I asked him why and I talked to him about all the fun things we were going to do when we got home...and out of the blue he said: "I want Mikki. I want Mikki hug at the house."

It was so sweet and so sincere. Like he just knew that she would make him feel better. So I explained to him how Nikki works- she is a hard worker just like Davis- and how she will come over again soon and he smiled a little and said "My Mikki..."

He adores her in a way that is different from me, from Davis, even from Honey. She is for sure his sweetheart.

We did have fun tonight though- we played on the back porch and Davis got to have an orange pop-stickle which he was very excited about. He hasn't quite realized the urgency with which one needs to eat a popsicle- so it gets very melty. And sometimes he sets it down, only to come back for it and see that it has leaves stuck to it, or it's melted a bit.

He is so sweet. The stuff he says and does just kills me. He pulls his little adirondack chair up so close to mine that I have to sit indian style on my chair because there is no room for my legs. I asked Bennett tonight, how long he thought I had until Davis would stop adoring me the way he does. I wish it would last forever...