I'm Working Hard

Honey met us for dinner at Chik-Fil-A yesterday and surprised Davis with a "mawnmower". Then surprised me by letting him bring it inside for dinner. He was so pleased. I guess that is what Honeys are for. This morning- we didn't even have time to change out of our jammies before we had to go mow the yard. He will only go halfway across the yard because he is afraid of the little dog on the other side of the fence. Sometimes he is fearless. Sometimes a tiny poodle scares the pants off him. Ha.

Every once in a while, after pushing the mawnmower a bit, Davis would turn around with a very serious face and say "I'm working hard."

Holden has also been busy making new friends. She will stare at that blue dog for so long. And she is smiling so much more. If you tickle her cheeks or her tummy, she grins!

Davis has been holding her a lot more lately. He loves it. He will say "hold her on the couch," and then when he is done, he will say "baby, lay down..."

So tonight is my first workout back with Ahmad. I've been working out on my own, in fact, I invested in a "Biggest Loser" cardio workout dvd that I did on Tuesday and holy cow I was sore. I am nervous about working out tonight- but I guess I gotta get back in the groove. It will just be so frustrating to feel like I'm basically starting over. Ugh.

Separately- just got some great news from work. We won a great piece of business- the last pitch I worked on before going on maternity leave. :)

Happy Thursday.