Hey Whipple, Squeeze This!

It's in, it's in! I finally have a copy of the book. It's real, it's tangible, and my name is on the cover! I started work on this last April and 11 months later, I received a copy in the mail. Very exciting.

Also just in, Skittles has a new bag of tricks. Skittles Riddles. Pretty awesome- is pink truly strawberry or is it apple? Who knows!

And here we have Davis, who is perfectly pleased with his new Lightning McQueen shirt. Thank you Nikki (and Meagan Hamblen for the hint).

And Miss Holden Eloise, snoozing the day away.

And a little nude shot from the doctor's office last week.

More relaxing.

And yawning.

And that's about all, folks. Pics are courtesy of my phone, so the quality is what it is. Tomorrow we are off to the kite festival!

Ooh, but first, today. Today was fun. Davis and I were playing with his walkie talkie and for the first time- and to Davis' MAJOR surprise- someone started talking to us. 10 minutes later, he was serenading our new friend with "Twinkle Twinkle" and "ABCD song". What a lucky trucker. Nikki came over, we played with the neighbor, Gavin, and then we raced cars back and forth down the hall floor. SATURDAY! Hope you had a good one.