Happy Birthday to Nanny

So, just trying to catch up. Monday we went to Fredericksburg to surprise my grandmother for her birthday. Davis was very excited to see everyone. On the way there he said "I going to Honey's house!" over and over and then he would say "I see Honey. And Mikki. And Nanny. And Gampa. And Andy. And Kirsten." We also practiced singing happy birthday so he could sing it to nanny when he saw her. He also liked to sing happy birthday to himself- so we did that too.

We played with Nanny and grandpa, met up with Kirsten and Andy at Sweet Marley's, and then had dinner for Nanny's birthday. I debated driving home before dinner because Davis doesn't usually sleep so well at my mom's- but I was having fun and wanted to stay and it was also supposed to storm- so I stuck around and hoped for the best.

Davis went to bed around 8:30 after dinner and slept in a pack n play in my mom's room with Nikki. My mom slept in my sister's old room- near Holden- and they tried to let me get some sleep by letting me sleep upstairs in my old bedroom. It was so nice listening to the rain fall on the tin roof. Until I heard my mom say that Davis was crying for me. He was so nervous because of the storm...so he and I both climbed in bed with Nikki. After calming down, he surprised me and fell asleep. For a while. And then he woke up and realized how much fun it was that he was sleeping in a big bed with mommy- and especially Mikki.

Imagine us- trying so hard to sleep- and Davis waking up at 1:00 a.m. saying things like:

"HI MIKKI! HI MOMMY! I in Mikki's bed. I so cozy cozy. I got my doggie. And my blanket. And my binky. HI MOMMY! HI MIKKI!" And he inched closer to our faces the longer we ignored him or tried to get him to lay down. This went on for at least an hour. He would lay down, be still and quiet for a moment, then roll over close to my face, rub it and say "be nice to mommy. mommy tired," which sounds nice until he got tired of being the only one awake and then gave me a little pinch on the face to get my attention.

This was how the night went:
Me to Davis: Davis, it's time to lay down. If you're going to sleep in the big bed you have to lay down and be quiet.
Davis to me: I cozy mommy...
Me: I'm so glad Davis, now be quiet.
Davis to me: HI MOMMY!
Me: Davis, Nikki has to work in the morning, so you need to let her go to sleep. She's very tired.
Davis to me: Nikki working hard. Nikki berry tired. Go nigh nigh Nikki.
Me: (silence)
Davis: I need Honey. I need gampa on the couch more.
ME: Be quiet Davis.
Davis: It's raining mommy.

30 minutes of silence and we fall asleep and wake up to:
Me: Davis- okay. It's time to get in your bed."

So he gets in his bed and lays there quietly for 15 minutes.

Davis: Mommy, I need some mulk.
Me: Okay, I'll get you some milk.
Davis: I need some appa-juice (after getting his milk)
Me: We don't have apple juice honey, now go nigh nigh.
Davis: Mommy this milk is stinky. It's stinky.

At this point, Nikki and I are exhausted, delirious and we are shaking, trying not to laugh out loud. This went on for the better part of the night. It was nuts. It will be funny, AFTER I catch up on my sleep, I'm sure. He made Holden look easy.