Granola Bars

As you know, Davis had a very serious infatuation with granola bars for a while. And Bennett and I have had a very serious obsession with how he says "granola bar". It started out sounding something like the country, Mumbai. Seriously. Then it evolved to Mo-bye-ay. We don't know why. It doesn't really sound like "granola bar" but to him- that's what it was. Then he went a little more French and it became Mo-bye-ay-ay. Yes, with breaks between the first and second "ay".

This week, I got granola bars again. It's been a while because he sort of got over them for a bit. When he saw me eating one he said "Want a mota buyer." Ha. So now we all call it a mota buyer. Because it's too cute not to. It's been a funny evolution to watch/hear occur. Kids are so funny.

This morning, the first thing he did, was grab my face with his two little hands, pull it close, and pretend to eat my cheek. We've been practicing the fake bite. I pretend to eat his tummy or his nose all the time and he wants to do it back- but it's just so exciting- sometimes I get a real bite from him- so we've had to work on it. He perfected it this morning.

Also, today he wore his new "Cars" shirt to school and he seriously could not have been more proud. He kept telling me on the way to school "Take jacket off at school. I got my cars shirt..." So when we walked in, he immediately put his hand to his zipper and looked around to see who was ready for the big reveal. His teacher made such a big deal of it and said "Wait till Max gets here- he is going to LOVE your cars shirt." Davis grinned and toddled over to have his snack- the best part of the day.

And this morning, Holden has been smiling so much. I love it. Here is my best effort in trying to capture her little grin.

And how cute are these little socks from Nikki? She has them in many colors- so I am constantly changing them to match. So fun. Let the girly fun begin.