Going to the chapel...

Nikki got engaged Friday night. Right in front of us! I was so excited, I almost died. I am positive I did alarm all of their neighbors with my screaming.

We went to Elizabeth Street Cafe for her birthday that night, and it was so cute, so fun, and the pho was second to none. Toward the end of the meal, Tony said he wanted us to come over for cake and a night cap. My mom said she thought she might go relieve our babysitter...and he abruptly said "No, you have to come..."

I didn't think anything of it though because he really likes an audience even when just giving a regular gift. But when we were pulling into their apartment, I started to get a funny feeling and I said to my mom "you don't think he is proposing, do you?" She didn't, but from that minute on, I did.

We weren't even inside 10 minutes, talking about random stuff, when he said " can you guys give me a minute?" Again, sort of abruptly. So we got quiet and he began to toast Nikki on her birthday. And I could tell he was nervous, and each time he said the word "propose" I just knew what was coming. Finally, after toasting her, he said "you know what, that's not good enough..." then he got on his knee, and I'm sure said some more really lovely things, but I couldn't hear because of the aforementioned screaming!

And I think Nikki was in shock. After he proposed, I could see he was still holding a ring, so I asked about it. He said it was a ring he designed for her, but not her engagement ring, because he really thought they should look and design that together. So its kind of like a placeholder, and a ring to wear here and there for fun. Won't that be so fun to design a ring?

Anyway, I am so excited. I couldnt be happier for Nikki, she is the best friend and sister a girl could ask for and she deserves all the happiness in the world.

Let the vicarious wedding planning begin!