Girl Things

So, following a "Boy Things" post, it's only fair to do a "Girl Things" post. My little sweetheart. Geez. I am falling more in love with Holden every day. She is so sweet and calm. And she smiles all the time when I talk to her. I mean, I might have to do the high pitch baby-talk voice for the smile, but it's worth it.

People keep asking me how the reflux is- and honestly- I guess it's better? I mean, she is not in pain, really, but she spits up A LOT. Some days are worse than others. Some days are like waterfalls of milk (like today). Some days- no spit up at all. Most days are somewhere in between. And it isn't really a big deal- but it is a lot of trying to keep her full, clean and dry. Not to mention, A LOT of laundry. So today, on my way to Walgreens to pick up another refill of her medicine, I had tucked a little dish rag in her carrier to act as a burp cloth. The rest were in the wash, which happens a lot. So imagine my excitement when I stopped to get the mail and got a package from my best blog friend, Meagan, and inside were TWO MONOGRAMMED burp cloths.

So fun- for many reasons. 1) total surprise 2) they are my first monogrammed things- ever (I know that's hard to believe for all you native Texans) and 3) they are adorable. I almost don't want to use them- to think of her spitting up on them is just upsetting. Ha. I opened the package and thought to myself "That Meagan. She's a class act." When you and your little girl are covered in spit up most of the day- it's really nice to have some girly things like this. My mom also ordered me some more cute bibs since that is mainly what she wears each day. :) Making the best of it!

Aren't they cute?

And isn't she cute rocking a hoodie and wearing a little bow?

Davis loves Holden. He loves her enough to share his most prized posession- his trucks! What a lucky girl.