Boy Things

Saturday night we had the Ryans over to grill and hang out. Davis was so excited...but usually when they get together, they kind of do their own thing. This time- they were really playing together- and it was SO fun to watch. Carrie and I decided early on that we would just let them stay up as late as they were nice- so we could hang out. I figured Davis wouldn't last much past 7:30. He needs his sleep and you can tell the instant he is missing it. But those boys played happily and played hard until about 9:30.

They had hot dogs. They ate oreos and pop-stickles. They jumped (Davis mainly fell) off the porch. They took turns playing with the same 3 toys- because clearly toys look way more fun when someone else is playing with it. But then the big hit was when Porter showed Davis how fun it was to play with a giant stick- hitting everything he could see in the yard. They were so amped up- I was just waiting for one of them to hit the other- but amazingly, there were no injuries.

After it got dark- we took the boys in and gave them a bath. At one point Davis said "Mary Mae in the tub" so Carrie put her in for a minute and he thought that was really great. Three kiddos in the tub, two moms monitoring the crazy amount of splashing, and smiles all around. Being a mom is fun. Even from the beginning. But as it becomes more apparent that your baby is growing up, becoming a person and actually enjoying things and people, being a mom becomes even more fun.

Here are some pics of those crazy boys.
Best buddies.

Prom pose? We kept telling them to put their arms around each other- not expecting this. Ha. We were dying laughing. Can't wait till they are college roommates and they are mortified by this photo.

The amount of dirt was equal to the amount of fun.

The next day, Sunday, Davis finally had the courage to go out on the porch and play by himself. Now- he won't go beyond the view of the door...but it's progress.

Having a little trail mix with Pico. Pico ends up eating half of it, so he loves it when Davis has a snack.

Also- Davis is talking so much these days. I am constantly surprised by the things he knows and can articulate. Here are a few:
"What's going on in here?" while Porter was playing loudly with his vacuum.
"Mommy not happy with you..." after he ripped my mom's vintage lace curtain.
"Where nanny and gampa? Nanny and gampa at gocee (grocery) store".
"I'm fus-tated" while banging a table.
"I ride motorcycle at Tony's. Soon mommy."
"It's a triceecle biceecle" (this is what it sounds like!)
"Lara not berry nice. Lara noisy." about a little friend at school.
"I do" in response to me saying "Did you play on the playground today?"

Today on the way home from Fredericksburg, out of the blue, he just said "Sam Bennett." I almost had a heart attack. I've never talked to him about my name. And I don't know who he would have heard calling me "Sam Bennett" enough to remember. So then I explained that he is Davis Bennett and Holden is Holden Bennett and daddy even has the same name as Davis- Davis Bennett. He paused and thought for a minute and said "Mikki Bennett."