Valentime's Day

I love Valentine's day. I don't care how commercialized it is. I think it's great. I love candy. I love hearts. I love pink and red. I love little treats. So it's a great holiday for me.

And Davis loved it too. He had a few Valentine's in his cubby when I picked him up, so he was very pleased to have a heart shaped lollipop to suck on on the way home.

Valentine's Day was a good day for Honey too- Bennett took her to lunch at Jack Allen's and gave her tulips. I hope Davis grows up to be as sweet and thoughtful as Bennett.

That night, Bennett and I went to dinner at Quatro Gatti, this really great Italian restaurant on Congress. He kept checking his watch through dinner and I couldn't figure out why- but it was because he had tickets to Bob Schneider's valentine concert. It was AMAZING. He knows me well. Such a fun treat.

Also, to prove that love really is in the air, B proposed to Courtney last night and we all met up at the W for a surprise celebration. It was so much fun- she had NO IDEA. I got to help B set up yesterday, which was really exciting. We're so thrilled for them. This is a pic of us before going out last night. Thanks to Honey for watching the kids two nights in a row so we could celebrate. We are so thankful for her.

Oh wait- I can't forget that Davis made me the cutest little red and green wooden box with the letters "DB" on it for Valentine's day. Thank you Bennett and Home Depot. I'll snap a pic later.

Hope you all had a great Valentine's day- but that you don't wait for it to celebrate those you LOVE. :)