Went to the doctor this morning...brought Holden because all of the sudden yesterday it seemed like her meds were not working. She was in pain and spitting up everything she ate.

Dr. brown took one look at Davis' throat and said it was Hand Foot Mouth. I could finally see his blisters and I felt so sad for him. Big red and white blisters on the back of his throat. Poor guy. Dr. B said he should be fever free tmw or Saturday for sure. And when I asked about how this could affect Holden, she said as long as they weren't swapping spit, she would be fine. First sigh of relief.

Then I told her about Holden and she said, "let's weigh her. She's probably outgrown her dosage. Happens all the time." And sure enough, she is now nine pounds, two ounces so she needs an extra dose at a higher volume each day. Second sigh of relief. Though I sure wish someone had told me to prepare and look for that change.

There is light at the end of this tunnel. And Honey and Nikki are going to help me this weekend while Bennett is out of town. He is going to a resort today, the reward trip for their team's success. I went last year. I joked that if I went this year, I would skip all the dinners and breakfasts and sleep until my spa appointments. :)