Pico's Barfing

Really, would it surprise anyone if I said I looked out the window and Pico was barfing, or his head fell off or something? It wouldn't surprise me. In fact, one hour after my last post on perspective, I got a call from Davis' school telling me one of his teachers is out with the mumps and many kids have a fever virus. Seriously? Who gets the mumps anymore? Anyway, that's not what this post is about, like I said I am TRYING to have a good perspective.

This post, instead, is about funny things Davis has said today that have kept me laughing and from running away to Mexico to live alone, in silence, selling silver by day and drinking tequila by night.

Davis says "Pico's barfing!" instead of "Pico's barking" which cracks me up for obvious reasons. Today Pico was really going to town outside so Davis looked at me with big eyes and said "Pico's barfing. Hard."

While reading, I often ask him different questions, so today I pointed at two farmers and said "who are they?" thinking he might say "farmers". Instead he said "they are mans..."

And finally, I asked him what two cows were doing, and he paused for a bit and then very seriously said "pooping." I laughed so hard because he has never said that before and after looking at it again I could see that he had studied it and one of the tip of one of the cow's tails, which was brown, was right behind the others butt.

Laughing to keep from crying. :)