Geez, I'm really unimpressed with my photography skills after looking at these, but I am super impressed that I have any pictures at this point. Period. I've been a little busy. By the time I get her birth announcement out- I can just use the backside for the invite to her 1st birthday party.

I call this shirt "apple bottom" for obvious reasons.

Looking JUST like her brother at this age, just in a girly shirt.

I mean seriously, sometimes it's like deja vu. Though clearly she is more feminine.

Caught mid-mouthful.

Always in his helmet.

Always making this face.

This is a good snapshot of this week. Davis helping me with Holden, so I don't completely lose my mind, covered in spitup, on a conference call.

Perma-bib lately. I feel like if she could, she would laugh every time I put a fresh outfit on her.

And don't worry that her neck looks like it might be permanently damaged- she's SMILING!

A few other things. I'm able to write this post right now because Davis is with Nikki. Whom, he informed me earlier is "Mine Mikki". Thank you NIKKI! Fact: I did say "Please don't bring him back until it's time for him to go to bed." He is feeling great today and is sick of being inside. As am I, but whereas I just secretly think about throwing things and ripping books apart, he's actually doing it. So he needs to get out. Maybe Nikki could start taking him running? Or to Camp Gladiator? I'm going to talk to her about this.

Also, a sweet friend of mine, that I don't see too often, but love, texted me today and said she was going to bring me a meal tomorrow. Out of the blue. Six weeks in. I almost cried. Not because I'm hungry (I mean I am- I had two nuggets today and a 4 hour old waffle) but because I know she reads my blog and I know she was just thinking of ways to help me. And that makes me feel like a million bucks. I want to be that kind of friend. Thank you Laura.