Parent / Teacher Conference

Nothing makes you feel more like a parent than going to a parent / teacher conference. Davis' was Wednesday and I was super impressed with his teacher, and all the details she knew about Davis. We had a lot of great discussion- but for recording's sake, I'll break it down like this:

1) Davis is the quiet one in the class. WHAT? HOW? She said he is "the observer", which is funny because that is how everyone has described me when I was little.

2) He is also incredibly independent. They do little activities all day and Davis will come over, see what they're doing, maybe engage for a little bit, and then very often he will head on over to a table nearby and do his own thing.

3) He LOVES boy things- trucks, cars, legos, sandboxes, and so therefore he finds himself hanging out with Max and Leo a lot, as they like those too.

4) He is strong willed. The teachers rated the kids skills and capabilities on so many different categories and activities and his teacher told me that she would take specific things to Davis to see if he could do them so she could accurately fill the page out...9 out of 10 times, he would do the activity, no big deal, and then move on. The way she put it was "He's really only going to do what he's interested in, when it comes to activities." She said this might be because he is bored, it might be a phase, or this might just be his personality.

5) His vocabulary has picked up like CRAZY. Lately, he says stuff like:
- I need to work on it.
- I need you to help me.
- This is a good song.
- I see a lellow (yellow) bulldozer!

6) That Davis is the only Koala that still has a pacifier! AHHH. I had to coax this information out of her- I guess she didn't want me to feel judged. So she recommended not sending it for school- so I've done that the past three days and he is fine. Now at home, that is a different story. He thinks he needs it for bedtime. I'm fine with that for now. I've got bigger nighttime problems. :)

7) He is happy. Though he is independent likes to do his own thing- he is smiling and thriving and happy. And this, I can tell, from the fact that now he runs into the class without EVEN HUGGING ME. WHAT?????

Davis reminds me so much of me when I was little. I wonder what Holden will be like. By the way, things are going better with her acid reflux. Not perfect, but better. I took her to the doctor today for a follow-up today. They showed me all these techniques and suggested some rice cereal in her milk to make it thicker. Also, I didn't know this, but the meds take about a week to kick in, so I'm hopeful there.

Here are a few pictures from Davis' teacher of the last month. The kids have gotten so big- it's unreal. When Davis walks in they say "HIIIII, Davis!" And when I walk in to pick him up at least one or two of them will say "Davis' mommy!" Little friends are so fun.

Playing with "Tato Heads".

Paz, the new girl. Could she be any cuter? We pretend she is Davis' girlfriend. Every day she has on the cutest little leggings, boots, skirts, and always a bow in her hair.



The Chinese New Year Dragon parade.

Dancing in music class.

Bongo day.

Davis' classmates getting messy with shower cream. I am guessing this is one activity he probably avoided. Ha.

Playing trucks with Max and Leo. I pretend they are saying things like:
"Hey- what did your mom pack you for lunch? I'll trade you one oreo for two graham crackers." or "Did you see the car on Paz's shirt? She really gets it."

More trucks.

Hope you are having a good weekend!