I Take Back

Saying that Holden always goes right back to bed after every feeding.

OH. MY. LORD. Girlfriend didn't sleep a wink last night. I don't know what was going on but she just couldn't get comfortable unless she was sleeping in my arms or on my chest. Which is sweet. For about 15 minutes.

So the thing getting me through today is that Katie is here from Ohio. Yahoo! That, and coffee.

Separately, a few funny things Davis has said lately:
- He asks for "geen fuit" a lot (pears, that is)

- He says "I have a BM" when he has pooped his pants.

- He is obsessed with trying to scratch my freckles off- I have to tell him that that gives me an "owie" and then he thinks that my freckles are owies.

- He says very loudly and sternly: "Don't go in Steet. Car. Will. Hit. You."

- He tells us things like "Want putzels. In. A. Bowl." or "Want appa-juice. In. A. Cup."

- The other night Davis was acting crazy and he pushed over the trash can. All the trash fell out so Bennett said he had to pick it up. As he was picking it up, he saw some pretzels. Imagine his surprise, finding his favorite treat in the trash. "Putzels!" he said, as he rushed to pick them up. Bennett and I were dying laughing as I tried to tell him that those were stale pretzels I had just thrown away. They were yucky, and I would get him some fresh ones. He paused and looked at the pretzels and then said "Yucky poo poo diaper putzels." Ha.

That's all for now, folks.