Happy Boy

I forgot how sweet and easy Davis is when he feels well. I really did. He's two, sure, and he has his moments...but those days when he was sick really almost put me over the edge. He was so crabby and frankly, not very fun to be around.

He was sick for two weeks- so in my mind- the attitude was more about his age than being sick. How happy am I that he is a completely different little man now that he feels better? He is so sweet. He loves his baby sister...and is always bringing me her things, patting her on the back, trying to sit right up next to (on) her, and says things like "check on baby..." and then he wiggles his little booty into her room.

We've had a really fun day today. This morning I got up with Davis while Bennett fed Holden and we played and then went to the store. He really enjoys the grocery store. Talks about it all the time. Then when we got home, Davis took him to Home Depot for the monthly kids workshop. It sounded like they had a blast. I've been wanting to take him for a while- but just never made it happen.

Today they made and painted something (not sure what, I think it's going to be a Valentine's gift), then Bennett pushed him around on one of those big dolly type things, they stopped by the popcorn lady and picked up a treat, and then Davis sat on all the "mawn mowers". My grandparents gave him a little john deere tractor for christmas- so he always starts with the john deere riding mowers.

Then we took naps- all of us- two+ hours...so amazing.
Then played and played, pretended to be fighter fighters (fire fighters), made hoses out of tinker toys, and finished the day with Bob the Builder. What a day.

Tomorrow we are headed to the fire station for a little tour. Davis might pass out with excitement. I've been wanting to do this for a long time- and finally called this week. Captain Cosby could not have been nicer.

And Holden? She's been busy too- girlfriend gets out and about. Last night we went over to B and Courtney's for a cocktail and then tried out this new burger bar in the Warehouse District. One movie quote came to mind- Reese Witherspoon saying "You have a baby? In a BAR???" Ha. Good times, though, and she slept through the whole thing.

Hope you are having a good weekend too.