All in A Day's Work...

I tell you what- at the end of the day- I've got nothing to show for myself these days. And yet at the same time- I have no time to do anything other than what I'm doing. I know, taking care of Holden is doing a lot. Definitely know that. But it's a funny feeling- sitting, watching Glee most of the day while feeding her, and next thing you know, it's 5:00 p.m.

It really is taking so long to feed her. About an hour for each feeding, lots of stopping and burping and giving her a break because she seems so uncomfortable. Then on top of that, after you feed her, you have to hold her upright and pat her back for almost another hour. See- now you know where my time is going. I called today and talked to the lactation consultant- then made a dr. appt for tomorrow afternoon...they think she might have acid reflux. I was actually relieved to hear that. I would rather know and figure it out than keep up the way it is. It's not horrible...but when you wake up at 2:00 a.m. to feed her and don't finish till nearly 4:00, knowing all the while that you have to get back up at 5:00 to start again, it's pretty exhausting.

I felt a little sad for myself this morning. Really I was just so tired- everything seems dismal. And I'm tired of sitting in the same chair for 75% of the day...with Davis I would take him all over and feed him wherever- but when it takes two hours- that is a long time to sit somewhere. When she gets a little bigger- we're going to get more mobile. For now- I'm just hopeful that the doc has the perfect solution tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from today. And while it looks like they were all taken at one time, within a span of about five minutes, they weren't. That should give you an idea of what our day was like. She looks a lot like Davis did as a baby to me.


I call this her shocked "I can't even believe that!" face.

More of the same...

And I hung the radishes back up. To change my view.

Oranges and radishes in this house.