Who are these people?

Holden is the sweetest little angel you could imagine- and each day her face relaxes- and she just gets cuter and cuter. I love her hair- that there is so much of it, at least compared to Davis. That it's sort of a brownish blonde, that it's so soft. Her lips are so beautiful. Big. I don't know where she got them- but they're gorgeous- and when she has just taken a big gulp of milk, she puckers them up tight. It's adorable.

And Davis? Davis became a man over the weekend. He is so big and so handsome. And just chatters up a storm- about anything and everything. What he says has begun to have personality too- he doesn't just repeat things- he SAYS things. Tonight we went to Target and asked him if he wanted a potty. He looked at Bennett and said "NO..." like "Are you serious? No way." Tonight when I went in to check on him (after hearing him chat for an hour or so) he stood up and gave me a hug and said "Mommy has ouchie..."

He has been so sweet today. Loves Holden. Tries to share cookies with her- giggles when he walks up to her- says "hold her hand" and holds her hand. The only point of contention has been her binky. And I get it- why does she get one when he doesn't? Well, she is a baby and Davis is a BIG BOY. So it's almost time to not have a binky at all.

Anyway- I'll do a whole post on this past weekend- it came and went so quickly and so unexpectedly- it almost feels like it didn't happen. But it did- and it was great. So I'm excited to tell you all about it.

But for now- I'm drinking a glass of wine, watching Moneyball with Bennett, while both Davis and Holden snooze away. :)