Today was spent napping with little Holden from about 10 to noon. Falling asleep to the sound of the rain and her measured breathing, was worth a million bucks. So cozy and sweet. I think most women, when they get pregnant with girls, start dreaming about everything they're going to do with their daughter from the second they find out. I didn't. But man, I am now. It's all I can think about. I have such a special bond with her already. Around noon, we got up for lunch- got a few things done around the house and then snuggled again- my face next to hers- from about 1 to 2:30. Not a bad way to spend the day, not bad at all.

Unfortunately- the end of the day hasn't been so swell. Just got a call from Davis' school saying he has a fever of 102. When he gets fevers, they are always high, so I am not going bonkers just yet...but I do feel so bad for him. He's been feeling badly since Thursday...and today it must have gotten worse. On top of that- he cannot be near Holden- so tonight or tomorrow, Bennett and Holden will go to Fred for a couple days where Bennett can work and maybe get a little help from Honey.

This way, Davis will be able to sleep well in his own bed, get up late, and he'll get to spend time with his mommy. I'm glad to be able to keep him home- it's the worst sending them to school when you know they aren't 100%. But I'm having a hard time thinking about being away from Holden for two days this soon. I hate that it's cutting into my time with her, especially this early, but the point, I am reminding myself, is making sure she doesn't get sick. So I get it...

P.S. Here are two more phone pics. I've taken so many pictures- but have to pick up my camera cord from work to download them. So don't worry, they are coming.

Sleeping with one eye open.

ALSO, I bring you: Funny things Davis has said lately...
" Don't go. Don't go way, mommy..." (at night, when I'm about to walk out of his room. so adorable and heartbreaking)

"We DON'T push people. Make people sad..." (he's heard me say this quite a bit lately)

"Did ya find it?" (five minutes after I told him we needed to find the remote so he could watch Barney)