Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Last night, the three of us were playing blocks in Davis' room and Bennett brought in the iPad so we could listen to some tunes while building towers...nothing too unusual. Davis has a little iPod in his room, we listen to songs on the TV and computer through pandora, and we listen to the radio in the doesn't matter where it comes from- he loves music.

Something about the iPad though, or the song, just really caught his attention, and he kept quietly coming to sit in my lap while I sang along. He couldn't take his eyes off the screen- though nothing was happening, or even moving.

He sat, so still and quiet, with the most focused look on his face for the WHOLE song, while I sang and we sort of rocked back and forth to the beat. It may not sound like it, but it was the sweetest moment. A memory moment.

If you haven't heard this version of the song- check it out HERE and maybe you'll see why.

Speaking of memory moments: I am not an incredibly nostalgic person. I never have been. I really believe that the most unhappy people I know spend most of their time looking backward, wishing, hoping for things they cannot change...and because of that I mainly look forward. But I do love when you're in the middle of something and you can just tell that you are making a memory. That your mind and your heart have aligned and some day you will mentally access the vault to get to: the way the room smelled- the music you were listening to- the feeling you had.

Last night Davis and I went around picking up a few last minute things for Holden and afterwards we went to Homeslice and ate salad and pizza at the bar. They were playing oldies- great ones. Davis and I were talking about Holden and Davis and things to come- and I knew I was making a memory. A good memory.