A few pics of Davis in the last week or so...
My little sweetheart- right before his haircut. I love that little face. I feel like you can see what he is going to look like when he grows up.

Mid-haircut. Lots of frowning and concerned looks, but no tears this time. Maybe due to the promise of a treat...maybe he's growing up. P.S. I took him to the gas station after the haircut and let him pick any treat he wanted out of the whole store. I don't know what I was thinking except that I thought it would be fun. He LOVED IT. Scoped out some ritz bits, perused the cornnuts, and landed on snack wells cookies. Not too bad, considering...

Post-haircut. How cute is he? How big is he? How much does he look like his dad here? I seriously can't stop staring at him since the haircut. He looks so big and so handsome. He's a little boy.

Hugs from Porter.

Really leaning in for the nuggle.

Yesterday was a rough day. My mom and Nikki gave me an amazing, modern, upholstered rocker from Red, so we went into Holden's room to put it together. Davis could not handle that some of the things in there were not his or couldn't be played with. He screamed "Mine!" over and over and just really was a pill. I think that it's a combination of his age and that he is fully realizing he has a baby sister coming- and it might not be all about him all the time. It made me frustrated and it made my heart break a little.

I'll be honest- I'm getting pretty nervous about another baby. I'm nervous about the logistical things, labor, lack of sleep, life shift, etc. But I'm also nervous about being emotionally prepared for another baby and for loving Davis, Bennett and Holden incredibly well. Sometimes I can't sleep.