About one month before Christmas, I mentioned to Bennett how much I loved it when he makes gifts instead of buys them. He delivered in the sweetest way. Each year we exchange an ornament. This year, he made two ornaments for me, and one for Davis. Not only was it sweet, but these are some awesome ornaments. My favorites for sure. I've also included some pics of other ornaments we gained this year.

B for Bennett.

The cutest little kangaroo with a roo baby in her pouch. :) Bennett found this on an old trophy.

A little saw for his little man.

A vintage trumpet from my grandmother.

Vintage hoho ornament.

The cutest little pink and sparkly duck for Holden from Honey.

Felty fishy.

Felt D button.

A tired octopus from the Monterey Aquarium- from me to Bennett.

All of these ornaments made for a fun electric blue tinsel tree.

Bennett noticed as we carefully put all of our ornaments away that while I'm not super sentimental about things- or old things especially- I AM sentimental about my ornaments. And it's true...I think vintage ornaments are far more beautiful than MOST new ornaments. Unless they're made by one Davis DG Bennett.