One Week

Its hard to believe that just one week ago we were at the hospital with Holden. It's gone so quickly. And it's gone so well. Physically and mentally, it took me about six months after having Davis to feel the way I do now. I know I am still running on adrenaline a bit, and things could change, but I am thankful for how i feel and hopeful things will just keep getting better.

Davis had a rough end of the week, cried at school drop off, cried at night, acted extra crabby and whiny during the day. I felt so sad thinking that he was just having a hard time with his new baby sister...but as he woke up about 5 times last night, I started to realize he was sick. Bennett took him in this morning and the dr. said its just a cold, but really freaked me out by saying how seriously we need to keep him from Holden, and how if she feels warm at all, to go straight to the ER. Seriously???

So today was spent trying to corral an ultra-crabby two year old who says no to EVERYTHING. An adventure, to say the least. But I feel optimistic that tonight and tomorrow will be better. It has to be. Davis is celebrating the Chinese new year at his school Monday with a dragon parade. Can't miss that.

Holden is still so sweet. I can't get enough of her. Please pray she doesn't catch anything from Davis. P.S. thanks to Nikki for picking Davis up Friday, to Honey for watching Holden while I went to a friend's lingerie shower last night, and to Corky and B for meeting us at the park today. God is good. And I am thankful.