My girlfriends, Katie, Kirsten, Courtney, Carrie and Nikki, threw me the sweetest sprinkle for Holden yesterday. I can't wait to post pictures- it was ADORABLE. Trying to describe the treats and the decorations won't do it justice...

It was such a special day. I guess I've not really been feeling like this pregnancy is real. Maybe it's denial or being busy or who knows- but yesterday was so fun, it felt so real, and I felt like one hundred dollars (as Oskar Schell would say). A handful of my girlfriends were there- my closest gal pals (other than Katie who is finishing her stint in Ohio) and my two godmothers drove in from Houston and Fredericksburg- and my mom and grandmother were there. It was perfect.

The weather was unseasonably lovely, the music was sweet and joyful, the treats and decor were perfectly girly, and of course, the conversation was celebratory and fun.

Holden really scored (as did I) on the gifts. It was hardly a sprinkle, but more of a full-on shower. But my godmother was right- sprinkles are better because with a second baby, no one has to get you anything practical. So Holden is all set up with adorable shoes, dresses, onesies, and I am lined up with an adorable baby book, Chew beads, and the cutest gray diaper bag from etsy.

Okay- so to the title of this blog...
Between Carrie and Courtney coming over the night before, the event itself, the people that drove in for it, the sweet gifts, all the work that went into it, and the pure joy and excitement I could feel from all my friends and family...I drove home on Saturday with the BIGGEST smile on my face and maybe a couple tears in my eyes and I thought: "I have the best friends (and that includes family) a girl could ask for. Friends that really truly know me and care for me. Does it get any better than this? I. AM. RICH."