Holden's Nursery

I love Holden's nursery. I kept the wall paint as it was and went with a natural and white wood furniture combo, along with pops of fun colors like pink and orange. It feels very fresh and yet also cozy. This is what you see when you first walk in:
The vintage pull-down maps were a gift when I was little and SO into being a teacher. I spent so many hours playing with those things- loved them- and love them even more now. I think if you tried to purchase these now- you would break the bank- so I'm glad we kept them over the years. The gray rocker is from red- so modern and also comfy- which is hard to find. The stool we've had forever- from citywide garage sale in Austin. And I'm clearly still looking for the perfect lampshade for that cute light...

This is actually just to the right, more immediately when you walk in the door. The little bench is actually a toybox that my grandfather made for Nikki and I when we were little- I'm excited Holden will be using it too. The diaper bag was a gift from the hostesses at my sprinkle- available via Bag Envy on etsy. Love it. And the orange magnet square was a gift from Nikki!

Against the left wall when you walk in- you will see my pride and joy- the giant tropicana orange. This was used years ago, in some context, for the pitch and when I saw the mailroom guys rolling it to the dumpster, I screamed! "NOOOO!!!! I'll take it." And I've used it for many things- though this new placement is certainly the best. Sorry for the glare...

And then the biggest wall houses the bed. And the fabulous bedding from Red and Dwell. It's funny that I don't have anything over the bed, I guess, but there is stuff (big map, orange square, orange fruit stuff) on the other three walls, so I kind of like it plain. The fabric is so pretty- I think that is enough.

A closer look...

And the best angle of the most stuff I could get in one shot:

And that's that! Hope you enjoyed. But before we go, to conclude this post, a few random notes:

We had Holden's two week appointment today and she gained a pound. Yahoo. So now, while we will feed her every three hours during the day, we can let her sleep as long as she wants between feedings at night. Sleep little Holden, sleep.

Also please note that I am so THANKFUL. Meaning, I have so many people and things to be thankful for that I have a virtual mountain of thank you cards to write. Just wanted you people to know that I haven't forgotten and I'm working on it.

Bennett is the best. He has been matching me 1 for 1 on feedings on the weekend and he also takes one each night during the week. PARTNERSHIP. Also he washed and cleaned my car yesterday. What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man. Yes he is.

Oh and one more thing...I was giving Davis a bath yesterday and he was giggling this sly giggle and looked at me and said "Don't you poo poo in tub..." (he did this the other day and mama was NOT HAPPY). I said "That's right Davis- don't you poo poo in the tub. Yuck." And he kept grinning slyly. So I said "Davis, are you peeing in the tub?" This elicited a bigger grin and a giggle so I asked again, and as sure as anything, he peeked his little penis out of the top of the water to show me the arc of pee. HA.