Well it happened- my water broke. Gush in the middle of the night, as I lay there sleeping, not knowing my life was about to change. Well honestly, first it was just a little moisture. Then at second check, truly wet. And as I sat up, semi-shouting "Davis-I-think-my-water-just-broke!" GUSH! And then I panicked. I wasn't ready yet. Not mentally, not physically, not logistically. I mean, I had a list with about 15 things on it that we planned to do, this weekend alone. But she was ready. She was coming.

And Bennett began to fly around the house like a crazy man, pulling out two full suitcases, throwing everything he could grab in them. And I couldn't stop shaking while calling Nikki and Courtney to see who could come be with Davis while we headed to the hospital. They both came and so Nikki got to go with us while sweet Courtney got to spend the night over, not before washing the sheets though, of course. And next I called my mom, who jumped in the car to drive over, after just having driven home that night.

We got to the hospital, checked in, and contractions began. I got an epidural a couple hours later and really this time, that was the worst part. I dropped the F bomb. Yep. Don't know where it came from, but it loudly found its way across my tongue with about the fifth needle in my back. Oops. God, forgive a pregnant woman who is in labor almost a month earlier than planned.

And then we waited. Nikki and my mom went home and Bennett and I tried to sleep until Dr. Seeker showed up for duty. He stopped in around 8 and said he would be back in an hour or so to "throw this birthday party..." yes, that's really what he said. Could he be any cuter?

Around 9:45 we did a practice push and he said "okay. Let's wait on Davis," who was in the bathroom doing a last minute shave job so he could rub his little face against hers. Davis joined us, I pushed one time to crown, then twice to get her head out, once more for shoulders and BOOM, we had the most uneventful, delivery of the sweetest little girl. NO PAIN. Some pressure, sure, but no pain. I had to think about pushing harder than I physically could feel pushing. Insane.

And then they plopped her on my chest and she calmly and quietly laid there as they bulbed her mouth until she squawked like a little bird. Holden Eloise Bennett, born at 10:03 a.m., 6 lbs, 15 oz, 20 inches long, on Friday, January the 13th. An amazing detailed event that also seems like such a blur.

She is in the nursery now (we're smarter this time) so I better sleep, but there is more to the story, naturally, so I will share that later. But we love her. Even little D loves her and realizes how soft and sweet she is. And I am just blessed beyond words and thankful for the gift God gave us yesterday. He is so good.