Christmas Break in Pictures: Part II

This smile is new- have to tip your head SO FAR BACK.

Started a new routine at night- Davis gets to stay up a little later, watch 20-30 minutes of Barney, with a bedtime snack, IF he sits still and relaxes a bit. He loves it. This started b/c every night before bed he would sob and say "SIT. IN. CHAIR."

Hanging out, eating pretzels. It was an amazingly beautiful day.


Playing with Bennett's bike pump- his favorite.

Pushing his trike. This is his favorite way to play with it right now. Likes to be in control, I guess.

This is the vintage HoHo Honey gave him- it lights up at night. Davis hugs him every day on the way to and from school. Sometimes three times each.

Davis and Bennett about to try out their new bike setup from Nikki and Tony.

Taking off...

Davis in his seat. He didn't know exactly what to think, but liked it after they took off.

Bennett was tying his shoes- Davis had to take a closer peek.

Which turned into the sweetest hug. Have I mentioned how much Davis loves to hug? Probably 10 times a day he will say "Hug, mommy. Big hug." or "Need a hug..." and this is on top of the hugs we already give him. Love it.

Pico- from my view laying in the grass.

P.S. Tonight Davis will embark on night one of the Skittles challenge. If he sleeps through the whole night, no crying, he will get two skittles in the morning. Since he was sick a few weeks ago- he wakes up one to two times a night and will scream or cry until I go in there and rock him. Sometimes I don't mind- but I'm really tired these days and I don't want this to become a habit. I would rather morning candy become a habit. :)