What I Love Wednesday: Christmas Edition

1) Reading to Davis by the light of the giant vintage HoHo in his room...
2) Finding gifts that you know the recipient will really love
3) Sparkly wrapping paper
4) Packaging from the Paper Source
5) Thinking about Christmas like a child again- the excitement, the mystery, the joy
6) Doubling up the excitement with my birthday 3 days before
7) Game night with our community group
8) Christmas cookies
9) Sleeping in
10) Hustle and bustle

Okay, one thing I don't love...Davis was up till 3:00 last night, just sad and not feeling well. We're taking him to the doctor today- but he has no fever- so I can't really figure it out. And I'm tired. And I want him to feel better.

But to end on a fun note- a few fun things he has said lately:
- "diaper feel bad"
- "don't you potty in tub!"
- "new song, new song, new song" - okay actually this isn't funny. it's annoying. listening to music in the car has become painful. 9 times out of 10 he doesn't like the song and is looking for something else- and if you can't find that something else, after checking EVERY radio station- he just continues to say "new song" until he gets really agitated and says "PEEEAASSEE!!!! MOMMY!!!!!"
- "mommy get it" if he drops something and doesn't want to reach to get it.
- "nuggle, nuggle mommy..." and he sits in the same chair in our living room and waits for me to come snuggle with him.

Oh and here is the card his class' room mom put together for the teachers. So cute.