Davis has been saying and doing some funny things this week, including but not limited to:

1) "ThankYouWelcome" (without the slightest pause)

2) Singing "happy birthday" to himself. All the time.

3) "OwmpaLoompa Tony" (long story but he heard Tony say "oompa loompa" and thought it was hysterical, so he now pairs Tony with that funny word.

4) Bringing his blue blanket everywhere with him, "nuggling" it and smiling so big all the while.

5) Saying "penis" and giggling. Yep, this just happened tonight. Someone (Bennett) said it, Davis heard it, and thinks its funny. He even said "daddy say penis". Oops.

6) Diving into my arms when I got home tonight. Literally diving.

7) Thinking every unopened box is a present. Even if it's really swiffers.

8) Sitting in his new armchair from Honey, as much. as possible.

That's all I can think of now...but a few side notes:
A) Bennett turned my blog into a book for me for Christmas. So meaningful.

B) I will do a full post or two on Christmas and this awesome vacation week soon, I promise.

C) I think we decided on a na-ame. (read that in the sing-songy taunting tone implied...)

D) This next comment really requires, and will get, it's own post...but the closer I get to having this little one, the more I feel compelled to adopt the next one. It's crazy how much I think about it.