Sweet Times

This weekend has been so sweet, and I'm thankful for every minute.

Friday Nikki, Davis and I went to Ikea. It was really fun and Davis has been saying "Mikki, I-KEE-YAH?" all weekend. He is quite a repeater lately. For the most part it's fun, but yikes, sometimes...sometimes it's exhausting.

Saturday afternoon, B and Corky came over to hang out, and we couldn't have been happier. B took Davis outside and about 5 minutes later, Davis came barging back in saying "Corky, keys? keys?" with such urgency. He was ready to drive "B's tuck", of course. They played and played and had such a good time, giggling their heads off tickling each other. It's so special when your friends love your kids.

That night, the four of us had dinner at Asti. I had never been there and it was great. We stopped at a bakery across the street for dessert and I got a little Christmas tree sugar cookie for Davis. He is really into Christmas- we put up our tree the other day and a few decorations in the house. He points at the Christmas tree several times a day and says either "ho ho" which is what he says about everything Christmas...or "wook at it. wook at it." So anyway- today when I gave him his "ho ho cookie" he was very excited! Huge grin and he looked at it for quite a while before biting the top off.

Today we went to church and then came home for lunch. I put Davis down at 11:45 for a nap, and hoped he would take a good, normal nap. Both Friday and Saturday were such short naps, and as I'm so tired lately, I really could use a good stretch of time- to get things done or better yet- take a nap myself. :) Anyway. I had my fingers crossed today, so when I heard him talking still at 12:30, then 12:45, then 1:15, I started to lose hope. BUT he fell asleep at 1:20 and we had to wake him up at 3:30. Ha.

I went in to wake him up and he didn't want to get out of bed. He kept rolling around saying "Co-zy. Co-zy mommy." But we got him up...and went to scope out christmas gifts at the mall. Bennett's suggestion. Shocker! We are all really in the Christmas spirit this year.

Tonight we hung out, watched Caillou, made Cheesy Poblano soup, and then I got to put some things away in the new dresser Davis put together for me. It was so fun! I'm so excited.

Tomorrow starts a busy week- I thought Maine would be my last trip- but I was asked to go to L.A. for work, so this will be my last trip. I'm excited about the reason for the trip, but not really excited to travel, or be away from home right now. BUT, we're staying at Casa Del Mar, and it's two hours behind in LA, so I think I'll be pretending I'm on vacation Tuesday a.m., sleeping in and ordering room service. Or maybe I'll take a walk on the beach. Not so bad, eh? Not so bad at all. Also, I'll be back Tuesday night...quick trip.

Anyway- it's been a very sweet weekend- and I'm cherishing every moment in our lives right now. Geez. That sounds really cheesy. Cheesy like the soup I made for dinner. Ugh, there I go again...but it's true.