Room Re-Dos

We've been working away on some room re-dos in anticipation of the new littlest Bennett. It's so fun to create new spaces- and when you have a designer like Nikki in your family- the outcome is always amazing. Not that we have a final outcome yet- not even close. These pics are of the works in progress.

I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of the guest room BEFORE we started turning it into the baby room. Same for the office BEFORE we modified it to be an office/sleep spot for Honey. I could have really done a nicer job with the before and after that way...but it is what it is.

Bennett's office:
Purchased this twin bed from West Elm and we're trying to create a sitting space during the day- with a sleeping option when we have a guest. Picked up the shams at Red and Urban Outfitters.

To the right of the settee- our bookshelf. Ignore two things in this picture: the wrinkly sheet and the junk hidden in the corner behind the bookshelf.

Bennett's workspace. This is the tidiest you will ever see it. His work approach is nothing short of organized chaos.

Some fun photos to the right of his desk.

Pics taken in Boston and some of Bennett and his buddies.

The littlest Bennett's room:
I have painted this room three different colors. We chose this color a few years ago and I LOVE it. I planned to keep it for boy or girl.

That light sitting on the floor is from Red and it used to be in our kitchen. We are going to see how it looks as the overhead light in her room.

Her bed, pre-Red bedding. I picked up that little sheet at Target months ago and I think it's so great for $12. I mean, seriously? Pillow is from Red- of course- and blanket is from Giggle in L.A.

My maps! One of my favorite items in our house. Love them.

The new dresser, some random storage type things just sitting on top, and an adorable orange from a new business pitch a few years ago. I'll let you guess the company. The mailroom guys laughed when I screamed as I saw them throwing that gem in the dumpster.

Some funny pictures of Davis, pre-weekend haircut. He looks like one of the Three Stooges. Ha.

This was at Magnolia Cafe last week. We had a blast. Bfast tacos and a brownie a la mode for dessert. Boom.