Moore Girls Getaway

My mom took Nikki and I to San Antonio to stay overnight and shop at La Cantera. It was so much fun- I told Davis that I didn't even realize how much I needed a little break like that until I was there. We stayed at the Westin, which is right next to La Cantera, so it was perfect.

We left Friday morning, shopped at the outlets, then headed to SA for a little more shopping and dinner. The next day we did more shopping. It is so festive there and is such a nice outdoor mall- I highly recommend it. We think we might spend a Christmas there one of these years. Do Fiesta Texas Christmas stuff one night, take Davis skating on the ice rink at the Westin, and of course shop shop shop. :)

When I got home, Bennett had fully completed my wish list, which I didn't expect at all. I knew he was going to get some things done around the house- but seriously- he knocked it out! Made me feel great- I am really thankful. He took Davis to the gym for the first time and said he had a blast but he shoved each of the 6 other kids there. WHAT GIVES? Bennett said it wasn't malicious really- it was more like he was a magnet drawn to each of them. He couldn't help himself. He would shove the kids down and just look at them like "Yeah. That's what happened I guess..." Oh, two years old. Such a fine time.

We went to church this morning but left after about 15 minutes. It was a guest preacher and I unfortunately noticed within 2 minutes that he did this weird thing where he would lick his lips quickly between just about every other word. Like a lizard. I couldn't think of or focus on anything else. And of course I told Bennett. And then he couldn't focus on anything else. We started obsessively counting and nudging each other with each lizard lick. It was too much. So, we played hookie and went and picked out wrapping paper at Target. So fun. Adults playing hookie during church while our son is in church daycare. Ha.

This afternoon Carrie and Porter came over- it was a really fun way to break up the day and also catch up a bit. I've been so busy- Carrie and I usually get together frequently, but it's been a while. I still feel we need to catch up more- it's sort of hard when you're refereeing two two year olds that both want whatever the other has.

Tonight, I got an amazing pedicure. So nice. A weekend of indulgences. I love this time of year. I love picking out gifts for people. I love the festivity, the music and the hustle and bustle.

Speaking of music, tonight as I was rocking Davis to sleep, I was talking about how he will be going to school tomorrow. He said "music cass?" Yes, I said, you DO have music class tomorrow. Then he said "Jinga bells?" I was surprised. I guess that is a song they are working I started to sing and asked him to sing and he sang the first verse. SO CUTE!

Also today we put batteries in all of his toys that had dead ones. He loved that. I gave him a little screwdriver and he "helped" me with all of them. :)