Let the Games Begin

Davis isn't feeling so well. He's not sick, but he's not 100%, and I think this is causing him to be sort of miserable. Today I picked him up from school, they said he had a good day, but as we left and I wouldn't let him take his cubby with us, he threw a full-on, on the ground kicking, screaming tantrum. People had to walk over us to get out the door, and it lasted all the way to the car.

We got home and played a bit- everything was okay but I think it was mainly because I made it an easy night. A bath, Barney, toast and fruit for dinner, and some playtime. I put him in bed at 7:30 and waited for the new "cry" he's been trying out lately that I experienced for an hour last night as he fought going to bed. It's sort of a rhythmic moaning, or wailing. It's horrible- more annoying than anything because you can tell he's not in pain or anything- he's just being a stinker. I went in and out about 8 times last night, so tonight I decided I would wait it out and he could tire himself out. I laid in my bed (feeling sorry for myself, thinking about all the work I needed to do, my sore throat, and how much I just wanted to go to bed) for 20 minutes of this new cry.

I heard a little thud, but he occasionally hits his crib or something into the wall so I didn't think much of it. After a few minutes it got quiet...and I congratulated myself on sticking it out. A few minutes later, I had to walk out to my car to get my computer to start work...I heard more crying. I peeked my head in and holy cow- there was Davis- STANDING NEXT TO HIS BED. I was so shocked. He was so scared. I sat down with him, hugged him, helped him calm down and then told him over and over that "we stay in our bed at night..."

He went back to bed, and it's 10:00 now, and he's still asleep...but I can't help but think that this is an early start to my sleepless nights. Ugh. I had been hoping to avoid this until after the baby comes. Let the games begin.