House! House!

I meant to mention that a couple weeks ago when I got home, Davis ran to the door saying "house! house!". I had no idea what he was talking about until he took me and showed me the cute little gingerbread house he and Honey had made that day. He was so proud...until he saw the hole in the roof. He pointed and said "hole..." over and over, very seriously. And it became clear to me that he had punched his little finger right through the roof. Ha.

Anyway- here is the little house and he still likes to sit up on the stool at the counter and look at it. And if I don't pay enough attention, he likes to steal a shingle or doorknob and eat it.

Separately, I picked Davis up yesterday and right when I walked in the door I knew something was wrong. All the kids were sitting right in front of the entrance, hearing a story read by a dog puppet. Not Davis. I could hear crying from the other side of the room- so I walked over and he was sitting with Logan, just crying crying crying. He was crying so hard he didn't even notice me. When he looked up, his little face was red, his eyes were heavy looking, and his hair was sweaty. Poor guy was hot to the touch. Logan said he had been crying for a little while so they walked to the office to take his temperature- but he only had a low grade fever. We gave him some ibuprofen, I carried him to the car, and within minutes, he was asleep.

By the time we got home, he was feeling better, and loved the pallet I set up for him on the couch. He watched Barney. He took a bath. He ate a full meal...and he went to bed. Very uneventful. Didn't wake up all night. No fever, and happy as a clam this morning. So, I took him to school. Wonder what that was all about?

Anyway- I just want him to feel better. Love him so.