Hey Mr. Postman

When I was little and not feeling well, my mom would take me to the local movie store (Pop N Go, in Sioux Falls) and I would pick out some movies to watch while sitting in my bean bag. Without fail, I would choose one, or an assortment of, the following movies: Gidget, Goonies, Troop Beverly Hills and Rags to Riches. Hence the video clip. Geez, I loved that part of the movie. I still do. If you didn't notice, it's a riff on the "Hey Mr. Postman" song.

Today I received a cute note in the mail with a magazine tear-out from my friend, Katie Brewerton. It made my day. Occasionally, Katie, Kirsten and my grandmother will send me something in the real mail- and I just love it.

Where are you going with this, Sam? Okay, so the point is this: I was excited to receive the note. So excited that I started thinking about how much I appreciate the U.S. Postal Service. Which made me start singing "Hey Mr. Postman" in tribute. Which made me think of "Rags to Riches".

Full circle. There you go.
Anyway- here is the cute tear-out from Katie...and a picture of Davis. Did I tell you all that next month is what I am calling "Breaking Binky"? Well it is. Dreading it.