Here's What's Awesome...

Traveling with the President and CEO of your company, staying at the nicest hotel in L.A., and having your credit card declined at the front desk only to find out later that they held it for an $18 charge at the airport that seemed suspicious. Thanks Citicard. Can you credit my street cred because you seriously just blew it.

Ha. Oh well. Anyway- just got back from L.A. and I am exhausted. So many work projects popping up and all things I want/need to be a part of between now and February. Great timing. So I'm just cranking away- trying to stay on top of things. We'll see how it goes. I know I have way higher expectations of myself than anyone else- so I just need to remember that.

In the meantime- here are some pics from November now that I found my charger. Please note that Bennett's mustache was for Movember. Not for real.
On the docks in Portland. It was SO cold.

Davis wasn't so sure about the fish.

But he LOVED the forklift.

And the LIVE fish at L.L.Bean.

Sweet "baby Yeeya".

"Mo ceweal daddy."

Cruising with Andy at Specs.

Thanksgiving feast at the Greers.

Davis and daddy in Maine. Trying to stay warm.

Wax straws.

Happy Wednesday.