Cramming it In

There is a new intensity at the Bennett house. It's unsaid and unexplained, though I think it's certainly because we're busy, but also about realizing how little time we have until our lives are turned upside down again with another little one.

This pregnancy has gone so quickly, and so uneventfully, that I almost think we're a little bit in denial. Or a lot. I told myself to sort of pretend I wasn't pregnant at first- because I didn't want it to slow me down and I also didn't want to feel like I was WAITING for 9 months. And now, here we are, and I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I don't know how much we realize what is coming. Ha.

But my point is that both Bennett and I are running at about 100 mph right now. Mainly fun things...trying to cram it all in. Not like life is over after baby #2, but moreso that you do have a brief hiatus. I do think it will be more brief with #2, but again, I might be in denial.

Tomorrow Nikki, my mom and I are getting away for the night to go christmas shopping. Eating at great places, seeing a movie, shopping, and sleeping in, oh my! Next week is my work christmas party and next weekend Bennett is going to a Texans game in Houston. The week after that is my birthday and then Christmas that weekend. The first weekend of January is a guy's weekend for Bennett, and then holy cow, we're in mid-January.

It's coming quickly. I hope we're ready.

Separately, because I want to remember...tonight I was singing "ABC's" to Davis to see if he would sing along. He didn't seem interested, so I stopped at G. Then all of the sudden, Davis just started singing "H-I-J-K-L MNO- P"- perfect annunciation, perfect sound. I was so surprised. So smart.