I finish almost every dinner with a pack of Davis' fruit snacks.

Sometimes in the car, on the way home, I pretend I'm being interviewed on a news or talk show about some amazing project I've just completed. Usually it's a best selling book. (Gotta have dreams to achieve them, right?)

I hate having trash in my car. I mean, I hate it to the point where I used to litter. I'm a reformed litterer. Sometimes I relapse.

I am obsessed with efficiency. I will think of four things I need to do at home and figure out the most efficient route and way to do them- even to the point where I make a plan that doesn't allow me to back track from one room to the other. THAT IS CRAZY!!! (I realize this...)

Sometimes I feel like blowing a lot of cash on fun things. I'll fill up many online shopping carts...wait a few days, think about it, and then go back and revise my cart. Sometimes there aren't so many revisions. EEK!

Very often, I think about what my life would be like in a completely different career. Sometimes I am a lawyer. Other times I am a delivery nurse. Often I am a teacher. Sometimes I am a public speaker.

I am about to start a book of my own. I am very excited about it. I think it might be part of my calling. We'll see, I guess. If I finish it, get an agent, get it published, and do a book tour.

As excited as I am about baby #2, I'm also really anxious and nervous. Sometimes I can't sleep thinking about it.

I have started enjoying cheese. Mainly just sharp cheddar. The other day I was eating some cheese with Bennett and I thought to myself "This must be how people feel about's sort of amazing." (Usually, not pregnant, I don't really care for cheese. Especially non-yellow types).

I had the realization last night that every single person is just trying to figure things out in life. Some people are just more transparent than others. Then I thought of this formula: The more proactive you are in your endeavor, the more successful you will be. The more transparent you are in your struggles and successes, the more helpful you will be. The more helpful you are, the more joyful you will be.

I am bummed that my panel didn't get into SxSW interactive festival. But I'm also aware that out of 4000 entries they picked 500, AND I would have a 4 week old baby at that time- so that would have been pretty stressful.

I really missed karaoke this holiday season. It's true. I did.

That's all I got for now. I feel so much better. I guess this is sort of like being Catholic.