My birthday was nothing short of amazing. I will add pictures later, but for now, lets just say I was treated really well. I slept in while Bennett took Davis to school...then enjoyed Bennett's breakfast tacos that were so good, I ate so much, and couldn't even eat lunch...

But my mom picked me up and we met Nikki at Nordstrom cafe for lunch anyway. I love lunching there. We had lunch, chatted and my mom and Nikki gave me two amazing presents. Nikki gave me $ toward a trip to New York in March for the book release party. SO thoughtful...and my mom gave me an Orla Kiely bag I've been wanting.

After lunch we shopped around and then it was time for a massage. So relaxing I fell asleep and woke myself up with a snort. Ha. My mom stayed over to watch Davis so Bennett and I could go to dinner...we had reservations at Fonda San Miguel. However, we decided to go see a movie instead..."my week with marilyn". Boy was she a train wreck. Oh but wait, before we left Bennett let me open my gift. An iPad!! I had no idea. So sweet. I've been playing with it all day. Also, my grandparents gave me a really pretty necklace...thank you G & G.

Such a fun day. A great start to 31.